Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Journey to Happiness – Matthieu Ricard

A friend posted a picture of him on Facebook with the comment “I would like to be like him”. It generated the most varied replies from her fellow ‘Facebookians’: Do you want to be bald ? Do you want to be old ? Do you want to be a monk ? It was so funny that I decided to research who in the world was this guy that generated that many comments.
According to Wikipedia, it turns out he is a French scientist who, after finishing his Ph.D. decided to become a Tibetan monk, moved to the Himalayas, studied the Tibetan Buddhism tradition and has devoted his live to spread what he has learned and seen through sharing wonderful photographs in books and magazines.
Recently he volunteered for a study on happiness and his results were completely out of chart. It has earned him the nickname of “ Happiest person in the world”.
It left me thinking. What does it take to feel happy or to be happy ? Can happiness really be measured ? Do you have to take a leap of faith and leave the outside world to really achieve it ?
To me, happiness is an everyday journey, composed of small moments that, when you take the time to be in the now and enjoy them give you a sense of completion. Maybe those moments do not last that long, but when you add up a lot of those tiny bits of happiness everyday you sense what it means to have a complete life.
An now I wonder how much would I measure on that happiness test Mr. Ricard took…..
To learn more about Mr. Matthieu Ricard you can click on this link Matthieu Ricard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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